Below is a summary of several focus areas in which we have particular experience serving clients. If you feel that you may classify as one of these groups and are interested in a fresh, forward thinking advisory relationship to meet your tax needs at a fraction of the cost of larger, traditional firms - we encourage you to contact us at the link below. If you may not fit one of these client categories but have tax complexity, we encourage you to reach out to see how we may be able to assist.


High-Net-Worth Taxpayers

The world of high-net-worth taxpayers is more broad and diverse than many assume. We have experience serving the high-net-worth tax needs of a varying group of private clients that have amassed wealth from multiple endeavors. As such, our experience suggests there truly is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to satisfy the needs of high-net-worth taxpayers which often occurs at larger firms.

Between the management of inter-generational tax planning, management of an overall family tax rate, tax implications of a portfolio of various investments and properties in a number of separate jurisdictions and within a different entities - there are many competing factors that must be managed and respected. Each scenario is different and deserves the appropriate understanding of your unique needs.

We possess experience planning for families that have a diversity of structures in place that goes beyond simply individual income taxes, but also closely-held investment and business ventures. Working with an advisor who has experience in all of these areas that understands the technical nature and relationship of your wealth through a tax lens, but has the ability to take a global view of your entire picture at the same time, can not be understated.

Whether you are a high-net-worth family looking for improved pricing or a fresh perspective following recent significant tax reform, we encourage you to contact us to see how we may be able to assist you in identifying your goals and meet your needs.

Small & Mid-Size Businesses & Owners

We have experience working with business owners to meet a variety of their tax needs. Whether your business is in it’s infancy or at a more mature point in it’s life cycle we can help. Given the recent tax law changes, the need for proactive and thoughtful tax advising is at a premium and we welcome the opportunity to assist you and your business in providing you with a variety of tax services.

Corporate Executives, Directors & Management

We have served corporate executives, board members and those in management positions. With a full schedule and competing priorities, ensuring that you are being thoughtful from a tax perspective can easily slip through the cracks at no fault of your own. You may receive compensation through a variety of salaried, equity-linked and performance-related methods. You may sit on a board part-time in addition to operating in a different role for a separate organization. Depending on status within the organizations you serve there can often be elections, structuring and other affirmative steps that may accelerate or defer income with proper tax advising. Proper understanding and management of these, and other, considerations can save taxes and help create significant wealth over time. We can help plan around these events and their tax consequences.

Vesting, Exercises & Equity Compensation

In today’s economy, more taxpayers are paid through equity compensation arrangements than ever before. We have assisted clients ranging from corporate employees to startup founders with their equity compensation tax requirements and planning. We have experience serving taxpayers that have Incentive Stock Options (ISOs), Nonqualified Stock Options (NSOs), Restricted Stock, Restricted Stock Units (RSUs), Performance Shares and Plans, Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), Phantom Stock Plans, Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPPs) and more. We understand the unique complexities, reporting obligations and strategies surrounding these compensation methods.

Liquidity Events, Transactions & Transfers

Liquidity events, transactions and other transfers are often crucial events in our clients’ lives. Therefore, they deserve personal care and advisement on such important events. Through our experience, we have assisted individuals and business owners plan for the tax considerations surrounding a variety of liquidity events. Whether an individual disposing of large concentrated positions, a business undergoing a change in entity structure, a sale of a substantial equity stake, or a business contemplating appropriate succession planning and the tax considerations involved - we can assist to ensure your event is proceeding in a tax-aware and thoughtful manner.

Wealth Transfer Techniques

Thanks to our experience serving a range of private clients, we have experience doing much more than basic income tax work. We are able to confidently assist clients in evaluating and recommending wealth transfer techniques. Whether a desire to transfer wealth is motivated by family needs, charitable intent, business considerations or purely due to tax motivations, we are able to assist with plan design, specific recommendations and subsequent reporting to ensure compliance. Through our process we can ensure your wealth is transferred in a desirable, thoughtful and lawful manner.

Real Estate Investors

We have worked with a variety of real estate owners and assisted them in properly planning for and complying with a variety of strategies. Real estate owners face unique rules and regulations regarding their tax situations that other taxpayers do not. It is important to work with a tax advisor that can properly assist you in this area. Following a plethora of recent tax law changes that directly impact real estate investing and valuable strategies, the need for a proactive advisor with experience in this area is more important than ever.

Charitable Entities

Whether a trust or foundation, we can assist you in your entity’s tax planning and compliance needs. Aside from the ability for our business to service these entities from a tax perspective, we view it as a privilege to assist entities that further the charitable and philanthropic goals of their local communities.