We are a boutique tax firm focused on serving the advisory, preparation, compliance and other tax needs of high-earning individuals, families and a variety of businesses and their owners.

We present a transparent and proactive service offering that goes beyond tax preparation. We possess years of prior experience at big four and boutique tax firms yet decided to create our firm to offer a more personal experience as advisor to our clients. We offer the experience and insight of a large firm but within a fresh model.

At Hudson Oak Tax Advisory, you advisor is not only both a CPA and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®), but also has a Masters of Science in Taxation. This unique combination of our credentials and experience attests to our expertise from both a technical and holistic perspective. From our advisory background we prefer to be strategically involved and instill forward thinking conversations into our relationships. With the largest federal tax reform our country has experienced since 1986 having recently occurred, the value of a knowledgeable tax advisor who looks not only to plan and consult in advance but assist in transitioning those plans into reality is invaluable for the clients we serve.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a forward thinking tax firm which offers a more comprehensive relationship with clients. We focus our work on high-net-worth, high income families, including their related entities as well as a focus on small to mid-size businesses. We are proactive and engage in ongoing planning; not just preparing and reporting your year to the taxing authorities after the fact. We desire to share our expertise with our clients through offering a variety of services and to build a level of trust and professionalism necessary to deliver true value. Through proper tax advisement and services we hope to build lasting relationships with clients that go beyond the traditional model of only working with your tax advisor once a year.